Highly customizable watch face for Samsung Gear S2/S3/Sport with a clear and stylish design. Features include:

  • time (12hr + 24hr)
  • date and weekday
  • 2nd time zone (12hr + 24hr)
  • moon-phase
  • weather (Celsius + Fahrenheit)
  • step goal (km + miles)
  • battery level

The Chameleon watch face does what it’s name suggests: It fits in every environment. You can choose between 12 different fonts, 36 different colors and 4 different styles (plain, neon, 3D and shadow) which results in 1.728 stylish combinations. All relevant information is displayed in a clean layout which is optimized for readability and battery life. Every aspect of the watch face can be customized to your needs:

+ Set the step goal (kilometers or miles)
+ Choose the font
+ Choose the color
+ Select the style
+ Toggle between Celsius/km and Fahrenheit/mi
+ Toggle between 24hr and 12hr
+ Select the secondary time zone to be displayed

Double tap the battery indicator to access the settings dialog and customize your watch. Also a tap on the clock opens the alarm app and a tap on the date opens the schedule app.

The watch face also offers a highly battery optimized AOD ambient display that also shows all information.



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