IMPORTANT: There currently is a certificate issue with some watch faces which results in the watch face not being installed to your watch. We are working together with Samsung to solve this issue as soon as possible. Please be patient.

Tempus Fugit watch faces are designed to perfectly combine awesome style with clear readability and full-fledged functionality. They are crafted by German engineers with great passion and accuracy with main focus on Samsung Smart Watches – find out more…

Featured Watch Faces

General Questions

How can I download the watch faces?

Our watch faces are designed for Samsung Gear smart watches and can be downloaded via the Samsung Gear App Store on your smart phone or directly from your Samsung Gear smart watch.

Just search for “Tempus Fugit” and you will find all our watch faces.

I have a problem what can I do?

If you have any problems or questions regarding our watch faces please just drop us an email at

The download buttons for the watch faces don’t work. What can I do?

The Samsung Gear App Store is only available on Android smart phones (and with limited functionality also on IOS). Therefore also the buttons that direct you to the App Store will only work if tapped on your smart phone and will lead you to the Samsung wearables web site if clicked on a PC. If you can’t use the “Get It Now…” buttons you can always search for “Tempus Fugit” in the Gear App Store to find all our watch faces there.

What is a watch face?

A watch face in this context is an app that you install on your smart watch that simulates a real watch. The watch face is displayed any time you switch on your smart watch and makes your smart watch look like an analog or digital watch.

Our watch faces are designed for Samsung smart watches and can be downloaded via the Samsung Gear App Store on your smart phone or directly from your Samsung Gear smart watch.


The step and calorie counter show different numbers than the SHealth counters – what’s wrong?

The reason for this is that Samsung does not publish the API to access the SHealth counters on the watch. In order to count steps and calories the watch face gets it’s own counters. These counters are only updated if the watch face is the active (i.e. selected) watch face. Therefore in order to get matching results our watch face has to be the active watch face for the whole day. If it is only active for some parts of the day you will only have partial counts. SHealth usually counts the whole day so that is the reason for the differences.


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