The only watch face you will ever need. You can choose any image on your watch as a background image for the watch face. Also the colors and the fonts can be customized to match your individual style. Unleash your creativity! Features include:

- select background image from your gallery (ideal pixel ratio: 360 x 360 pixels)
- time (24 / 12 hours)
- date
- weather
- temperature (Celsius + Fahrenheit)
- step distance (km + miles)
- step counter
- calorie counter
- battery level

Double-Tap (tap twice within one second) the center of the screen to access the settings and customize your watch face. Enjoy!

Known issues: On some watches with Tizen the watch face crashes occasionally if GPS on the watch is deactivated and gets replaced by the stock watch face. Afterwards the watch face can be selected again and occasionally crashes again. This only happens on a few watches and only if GPS on the watch is switched off. On most watches the watch face works without problems. The issue is already fixed by Samsung and will be included in the next patch for Tizen

The background of the watch face can be chosen from all images stored on the watch. Use the gear manager on your phone to transfer photos to the watch. The ideal resolution for the background images is 360×360 pixels. If you choose more than one image the watch face will show a random image from your selection every time it is activated. All information is shown on a glass overlay that slides in from the bottom of the screen. The delay for the glass cover can be customized in the settings. The two information display on the left and on the right of the screen can be switched off or customized to show:

– step distance
– step counter
– calorie counter

In the settings screen you can customize the following features of the watch face. PLEASE NOTE: The hardware buttons of the watch don’t work for watch faces (this is a design decision by Samsung and cannot be changed by us). Therefore you have to navigate the settings by tapping the on-screen buttons.


– calorie settings (age, weight, height, gender)
– fonts and colors
– background image selection
– units
– time format
– life saver (delay for glass overlay)
– left info display
– right info display

The watch face also has a highly energy efficient and beautiful AOD mode with all relevant information. If you have any questions or problems please send an E-Mail to [email protected] .



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